Packages and licensing options for SDKs for viewers development

The following types of Remote Core SDK packages are available:

Binary SDK package

A set of libraries in the form of the binary code.

Source code of the SDK

SDK package in the form of the source code providing more flexibility and customization options.

Best choice for big corporations and complex target applications.

Complete source code of the Application 

Provides maximum flexibility, customization options, and tools availability, including GUI tools. 

Licenses available for the SDK

For each platform, a separate license is to be purchased, i.e. 1 platform = 1 license.

Licenses Binary Source Code Flexible  Maximum
Binary SDK package + + + +
Source code of the SDK + + +
Complete source code of the Application +
Max number of developers unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Customization (1) basic license agreement only basic license agreement only available available
1-year maintenance subscription (2) 20 hours included 20 hours included 20+ hours included 20+ hours included
Additional 1-year maintenance subscription (3) €725 €1,475 25% of the license cost 25% of the license cost
License cost €2,900 €5,900 €9,900+ (4) €20,000 (4)

(1) Customization 

Our basic license agreement does not limit the number of developers, installations, machines and so on (the condition does not apply to the Startup license of the Binary SDK package). The license is perpetual and royalty-free. You can do almost anything with the software, except distributing the source code to third parties (distributing in compiled form is ok). 

For the customizable versions, the text of the License Agreement can be adopted to meet the requirements of the customer, with no changes made to the product.

For more details, please refer to the text of the License Agreement

(2) 1-year maintenance subscription

GlavSoft offers all licensees 1 (one) year of maintenance (technical support and software updates) at no additional cost. 

Updated software shall be distributed on every new official Remote Core SDK release. In case any serious security-related problem is identified, a licensee shall be provided with all relevant information, workarounds and fixes as they become available at GlavSoft.

Technical support services shall be provided by email and shall be limited for all types of licenses but the Flexible and the Maximum ones. Above this limit, technical support services shall be available commercially, on an hourly basis.

(3) Additional 1-year maintenance subscription

After the first year of licensing, maintenance and update services shall be available commercially. Each additional year of support and updates costs 25% of the full license fee if paid before the end of the current maintenance term.

(4) The basic price

The final price depends on actual license terms as agreed between GlavSoft and the licensee. The price reflects the balance or rights and obligations of the parties.

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