Basic Licensing Terms

GlavSoft LLC (the copyright holder) offers a perpetual non-exclusive license, either company-wide or based on a number of developer seats to use the software.

The license allows:

  • integrating the libraries into proprietary software
  • royalty-free distribution of applications built with SDK in the compiled binary form
  • modifying the code (if a source code license is acquired)

The license does NOT allow:

  • sub-licensing the source code to a third party
  • sub-licensing original or modified SDK components to third party developers.

How many licenses to buy?

Remote Core SDK is available for a set of platforms, frameworks and programming languages, such as Windows (.NET platform, C#, WPF & WinForms), macOS (Objective C/C++, SWIFT), iOS & iPadOS (Objective C/C++, SWIFT), Java Platform (Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition), Android (Java), portable cross-platform version with no GUI components (C++).

For each platform, a separate license is to be purchased, i.e. 1 platform = 1 license.

What type of license to choose for Remote Core SDK?

Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with source-code or binary package license. The binary package license depends on a number of developer seats required.