Remote Desktop Viewer SDK

Remote Core SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of libraries for integrating functionality of remote desktop viewer similar to TightVNC Viewer into various software solutions. 

This up-to-date handy tool is a great opportunity to enjoy the enhanced functionality of TightVNC Viewer with modern UI/UX design, while the complexity of TightVNC protocol is hidden behind a simple and convenient Application Programming Interface (API).

Remote Core SDK enables to

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your own application with ready-made components easily

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cost of development, time to market and risks control

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the components appearance and behavior to your resulting application

“Remote Core SDK is easy to use, fast and lightweight. You can make remote control software with few codes.”

Hwanho Lee, CEO, Clevi

Remote Core SDK is compatible with the following languages/frameworks:

  • Windows (.NET, C#, WPF & WinForms) 
  • macOS (C++, Objective C/C++, SWIFT) 
  • iOS and iPadOS (C++, Objective C/C++, SWIFT) 
  • Java  
  • Android (Java) 
  • Portable cross-platform version with no GUI components (C++) 

.NET Viewer version of Remote Core SDK

.NET Viewer SDK is a part of Remote Core SDK which implements functionality of a TightVNC Viewer for the .NET environment: .NET framework (4.5+) or .NET Core (Windows only) applications. 

The tool supports desktop and all popular versions of Windows (including Windows server). It works on all the frameworks .NET supports and requires .NET framework versions 3.5 and above (although at least 4.5 is strongly recommended). 

.NET Viewer SDK includes fully-featured WPF and WinForms GUI components, very easy to integrate with .NET GUI applications and .NET Core 3.1+. However, the easiest way to use the SDK is to integrate its high-level WPF or WinForms components that implement remote desktop and handle most of the work automatically.

“C#/.NET Viewer Library by GlavSoft is a handy and powerful library for VNC which offers a lot of flexibility. The provided documentation and sample apps get you started quickly.”

Royal Apps GmbHStefan Koell, CEO / Lead Developer, Royal Apps GmbH

See Remote Core SDK in Action

Trial version

Upon request, you can get a fully-featured SDK with watermarks. Tha trial version has the same content as the Binary Code package, except Extensions.

Fully-functional applications developed with the components of Remote Core SDK (included with Maximum license)

Remote Core SDK is created by GlavSoft, a company with 20+ years experience in remote access solution development, holders of the TightVNC authorship. 

Below, you can see some products developed by GlavSoft team with Remote Core SDK components:


an easy-to-use viewer to monitor multiple desktops

Remote Ripple

a modern user-friendly Tight-VNC viewer


a free open-source viewer used by millions of users worldwide

Why choose Remote Core SDK


SDK is compatible with all VNC software that conforms to the standard RFB protocol specification as published in the RFC standards.


SDK supports all the comprehensive compression algorithms, efficiency improvements and protocol extensions as found in TightVNC Viewer (and more).


SDK is available for a variety of platforms, frameworks and programming languages.


SDK is developed by the authors of TightVNC Viewer (GlavSoft), which is time-proven and is used by millions of users worldwide. 


Our support and product development teams are always there to help you. The software development process and upgrades are based on our customers’ feedback.


SDK is being actively developed and constantly improved. Also, GlavSoft team use SDK to develop their own software.

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Remote Core SDK is developed based on TightVNC code owned by GlavSoft

To see details on other remote desktop software available, visit GlavSoft official site.